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Walking Tours

Arranged By Appointment


Anyone who visits Saratoga Springs needs to experience North Broadway, Union Avenue, and Circular Street. For a different of the past, we also offer a walking tour of Greenridge Cemetery.

You can walk or drive these routes alone; however, if your group of at least 15 seeks a guided Walking Tour look no further than Derby Tours. Besides the fact that our guides wear Victorian Era clothes, what makes our tours different is that we focus on the families that made these houses their homes.

See and hear about the Great Ladies (the original name for Victorian houses) of Saratoga.  The tours include stories about the man who was so mad at the city he turned his back on it; the son who took his mother's jewels from her safety deposit box and what he did with them; the man whose father saved the Union in the Civil War with a simple invention - all while gazing upon the beautiful mansions they each called home. Since our research was mainly from old newspapers, many of the stories are scandals, which we have found most people secretly enjoy. 

The Greenridge Cemetery walk focuses upon the great markers in Saratoga’s Greenridge Cemetery.  The presentation will include pictures of the houses the families built along with their stories by their markers.

The walking tours are two hours in length and participants should wear comfortable shoes.

To Schedule a Walking Tour:
-Call us at 518-495-7012; or
-Facebook - DerbyTours.

About Hollis Palmer:

Hollis is a noted Saratoga Springs Historian. He has authored six books that document true crimes from Saratoga or the surrounding area. Information about his published books can be viewed by clicking here.

Hollis’ book, Saratoga’s Great Ladies: Broadway & Franklin Square can be used as a guide for a walking tour or as a great souvenir of historic Saratoga Springs. The book reveals the fascinating, and sometimes obscure histories of the families who built approximately 70 of the Victorian "cottages". For purchasing information, click here.

If you are interested in arranging a tour contact us on Facebook - DerbyTours or call 518-495-7012.