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What readers are saying about “Saratoga: See and be Seen”

This is really incredible work, Hollis! Definitely the kind of material that people are interested in seeing on television these days. As I was reading, I could picture scenes unfolding through your words alone; that alone really speaks to the quality of your scripts. I look forward to reading more, and hopefully seeing this series air sometime in the future!
-By Chris Blaker

Really, really interesting! I hope it is picked up and runs for years - then you can incorporate the building of the racetrack in 1863 (only a month after the Battle of Gettysburg) - that's how "out of touch" with the real world the super-rich were!
Your characters are wonderful - I am already picturing the cast.
-By Barbara (Thesis on D Doughty

Looks fascinating. Great idea for a series.
-By Gerald Ritter

I would suggest that the series acknowledge the fact that the country was in a jolting economic downturn, one that began in 1857 and did not end in the North until the Civil War. Also, some reference should be made to the breakup of the Democratic Party that was underway and would lead to each of the two factions of the party running candidates in 1860. There might be some reference to the recent rapid surge of the new Republican Party and the virtual disappearance of the American Party and Know-Nothing sentiment.
-James Davis retired history professor

Hollis - The first Episode is excellent – it’s better than Downton Abbey.
-Sandra Graff - Director of Tours & Promotions at Derby Tours

Hollis, I LOVED the first episode and your concept and script reek of SUCCESS! I love the 1850s - costumes, decorative arts, etc., so I am champing at the bit for this series to be produced, which it will be inevitably. :-) Have you tried joining IMDB Pro? - I would think there are many influential people who read that board. Give it a try - you just might hit paydirt. I am sending ALL of my very best energy your way. GOOD LUCK!!
-John Yodice - Film Reviewer

This sounds like a great story. I will be checking it out. I hope that if it gets picked up, it will be on broadcast or cable TV rather than on a paid service.
 -  Judith Lynn Albee - Photo Editing & Restoration

I'm feeling very privileged to have read the episodes right after each of them were written. And so, with the character descriptions that Hollis has so well illustrated, I have had time to envision each character and I know I want to play Mrs. Jackson!  The episodes are full of mystery, drama and tongue in cheek comedy, so one can close their eyes and just watch it play out in the theatre of their the mind. I loved, loved, loved each episode, even the cliff hangers! Can't wait to see them produced and on the screen.
- Jera Meren

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