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Dr. Hollis A. Palmer
2011 Winner
Ruth Emery Award

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Maggie’s Revenge

Maggie’s Revenge is a Victorian Era true crime story. Maggie, a beautiful housemaid of Irish descent, was found floating in a small millpond outside the village of Greenwich. With only wealthy and politically-connected men assigned to the coroner’s jury, the investigation into her death was questioned from the beginning. No one was ever charged in her murder. However, five years later a successful businessman from Fort Edward died of TB after giving a deathbed confession to some crime. Over the next two months his three best friends all committed suicide! The way these men died all related to things that happened to Maggie on the night of her death. Maggie’s death is a mystery and quite possibly a ghost story all wrapped up in one.

Maggie’s Revenge tells the story that held the region’s interest for months. In this case, Palmer is sure he found the murderers 112 years after the act.

"I couldn’t sleep until I had put flowers on her grave." Woman who came to a book signing just to tell the author her feelings. - Palmer

"Compelling" Channel 6 Cover Story.

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