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Dr. Hollis A. Palmer
2011 Winner
Ruth Emery Award

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See And Be Seen: Saratoga In The Victorian Era

Winner of the prestigious 2011 Ruth Emery Award for the best regional history book of the year, given by the Victorian Society in America, See and be Seen: Saratoga in the Victorian Era examines what it was like to live and visit Saratoga between 1856 and 1906. Saratoga was not just a place; it was a state of mind. Every portion of every day, of every guest’s entire stay, was about See and be Seen.

Author Hollis Palmer has always maintained that history is not just about events but rather about the people behind what happened. In See and Be Seen, Hollis focuses on the people, the politics, the economics, and the changes in social expectations in an effort to tell the story of Saratoga during this tumultuous period.

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